About the DJ’s

Matt ‘Sir Style’ Villaflor ~ DJ/Remixer

He has been sharpening his beats and remixing the past 14 years. His favorite music to listen to is oldies. But being a graduate from the Universal DJ School, he is well versed in all types of music. He has performed for hundreds of weddings and school events.

He is now mixing at the hottest bars & clubs on Oahu. Sir Style is The 2014 DJ Rumble Champion and still in the top when he enters other competitions. Be ready to be entertained with Sir Style at the controls don’t just be ready to dance…

Nick ‘Enjay’ Jimenez ~ DJ

He is one of our turntable DJs, using the new Pioneer turntables.  Loves his groove music and throwbacks to the great hip-hop and R&B hits of the past. He is also one of the Artists with the Lightsleepers Hawaii.  In his spare time, he loves drumming on his worship team at church.  He can’t escape his love for music and beats.

Greg Endo ~ Emcee
Greg’s approach to emceeing a wedding is to be entertaining but not the entertainment, the focus of your special day should be you.  He’s there to bring your friends and family along with you throughout the experience.

Having worked in radio for the last 10 years, he’s living his dream of being an on air personality and would like to help you with your dream wedding.

Bryan ‘Bruddah’ Min ~ Emcee
He has been emceeing weddings and other events for the past 13 years.  The first wedding he attended was the FIRST one he emceed!  From there he was hooked on the thrill of being a part of someone’s special day.  This guy will pull all your family & friends together and have a great time.

He also entertains listeners on a local radio station.  His radio gig also has him hosting night club and other events around the island.  For more information, please check out his videos.

Ricardo Wepa ~ Emcee

He has had the great fortune of being an emcee on the wonderful island of Hawaii for over 6 years. His career started as an on-air personality for iHeart Radio covering an evening shift on 939 JAMZ as well as having the honor to be a regular sit in for “The Wake Up Crew” on island 98.5FM. My specialty as an emcee lies in weddings but have had the pleasure to emcee an array of wonderful events. Nightclubs, grand openings, concerts, open mics… Any opportunity I have had to share my talents with an audience I’ve graciously accepted. I love what I do and I can think of no better place than the paradise we live in to do it.

Being an emcee has awarded me the honor of meeting such wonderful people and I take a whole hearted pride in helping to facilitate the events for a couples wonderful day of celebration. I hope to work with you all soon and make more memories.

Crystal Akana ~ Emcee

You can hear her on the air, weeknights on 931 Da Pā’ina, or Saturday’s on 947 KUMU. Her wit, charisma, and friendly personality capture audiences from keiki to kupuna.

Crystal knows how to keep your party going! She can hold a crowds attention, whether it’s an audience of 10,000+ on stage or just ten people in a room. Her aloha spirit is everything you need to live up a crowd.

Born & raised on the Windward side of Oahu, Crystal’s a simple local girl who loves the ocean, a paddler who crossed the Molokai channel, and a Dallas Cowboy die-hard fan. She loves her role as a wife and also has her hands full with two baby girls Righteous & Remedy, just 19 months apart.

“The best parties include  Yummy food, amazing people, good entertainment, and an excellent emcee!! I put it all out there for every show large or small.” #CrysAkana

Kevin ‘Kevo’ Okutani ~ Owner & Entertainment Coordinator

He started as a DJ in the late 80’s, spinning at the clubs and many of the high school, hotel parties back in the day.  He’s focused his efforts on weddings more seriously over the past decade.  Get’s a kick out of meeting the challenges and producing very successful events.  His musical knowledge ranges from the 60’s to the present.  A little bit of country, rock and alternative are always in the mix if needed.

Down-to-earth, make you laugh, kind of DJ.  Loves to pull the energy and expressions from the crowd and will try to play the right song at the right time.  Every wedding should be different and finishing the puzzle of all the little pieces is what he always look forward to.

Emceeing has become his passion as of late.  Enjoy’s working with couples, taking their ideas and visions and making them a reality.  He truly believes, that a perfect reception is what the couple envision, whether it be traditional or completely of the cuff.  There are so many fun and creative ideas that he’s used up to now.  We know that future couples will have more exciting & different ideas, that he can’t wait to implement and make their reception memorable.

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